Tools for Challenging Data Cleaning Problems


Automatically determine if two entities (people, products, etc.) are the same

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Automatically extract and format multiple values from your data records

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Automatically tag and bucket your data records for easier organization

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Developer and Business-User Friendly Interfaces

Whether you're a developer who wants a scalable REST API to integrate into your codebase or a business user who wants to use a no-code solution or an existing BI tool, AugerData has you covered

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Review Interface Ensures Data Quality and Improved Automation

The application provides easy-to-use interfaces to quickly review automated outputs, and human feedback is automatically passed back into the system to improve the automation quality

Pay Only for Usage

After your free credits are up, we charge $0.01 per 10 records processed and provide bulk discounts for high volume users.

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Even if your data is messy, your systems don't need to be